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About Host City

Sacramento is located 90 miles northeast of San Francisco and 100 miles southwest of Lake Tahoe, providing locals with both active city adventures and natural beauty within driving distance.

Currently, Sacramento is home to 470,000 residents in the official city of Sacramento, along with 1.9 million in the surrounding towns, cities and counties.

Sacramento’s climate is considered to be Mediterranean. We enjoy mild temperatures with plenty of sunshine. Unfortunately, this can also mean a heat wave in summer months.

Sacramento has a prolific amount of museums. From the California State Railroad Museum to the Crocker Art Museum, there are dozens of free and admission-paid museums in the Sacramento region. The Crocker, a local downtown art museum, is the longest running art museum in the western United States.

The Sacramento Zoo is a historical treasure. It’s been around since 1927, and continues to delight visitors from various generations. The zoo has experienced many transitions, but still plays host to the regular opportunity for school and non-profit groups to sleep over on the property and enjoy nature in the middle of the night.

People love to give Sacramento nicknames. It has been called the “Camellia capital of the world,” “City of Trees” and the “River City.” These are just a few of the affectionate titles Sacramento has earned from locals and guests. Natives usually refer to it as Sactown.

If you’ll be visiting Sacramento for the first time, you’ll find it best to visit in the spring or autumn. Summer weather gets as hot as 115 degrees, although temperatures rarely reach such extremes.

Sacramento processes more almonds than anyone else in the world. Blue Diamond has its headquarters here, and during harvest time each year, brings millions of pounds of almonds to market.

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