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  • FBINCAAA Disaster Response Concept Team.  This committee is developing processes for getting our FBICAAA chapters involved in crisis response in a preapproved and well-planned manner.  We have vetted membership, which can either organize direct support for law enforcement (e.g, providing meals to the FBI and support personnel during the aftemath of the nightclub shooting in Orlando) or being part of a community-wide effort to provide relief supplies to stricken areas of the country (e.g., as experienced last year in Columbia during spring flooding, as well as support to Baton Rouge this fall).
    • FBINCAAA Communications Committee. This committee is focused on the continuity and branding of the FBINCAAA. They are busy working on updates to the National website, the newsletter, email communication, videos from the conference, graphics and ad-hoc requests and social media. The committee is seeking an administrative helper to update Constant Contact mailing lists and manage project deadlines. Other talents are welcomed, contact Alicia Wadas for more information.
      • Alicia Wadas – VP Communications & Conferences (Email: VPCommunications.Conferences@fbincaaa.org)
      • Karen Corrigan – Director of Communications
      • Kevin Fletcher – National Historian
      • Mary Harden – Committee Member
      • Aubrey Shelton – Committee Member
    • FBINCAAA Technology Committee. This committee’s primary mission is to identify, develop, implement and maintain the various technological tools used by National and our Chapters across the country for daily operation, dissemination of information and those beneficial tools that are used to assist in further educating our CAAA members. The committee continually strives to provide outstanding support to our clients (all CAAA members) through quick response for account requests and timely resolution of issues when they occasionally occur. To make a request or report an issue, please contact a member of our committee using the support@fbincaaa.org email address. When making requests, please provide your first name, last name, email address you would like to use (suggest personal or business, not CAAA role based) and your chapter. Like National Communications Committee, we are always looking for assistance in our team to help it grow and provide the best possible service. If you have an IT or technical background and would like to join the team, please contact us using the support email address provided above.
      • Ed Nelson – Director of Communication Technologies
      • Paul Callahan – Committee Member
      • Joe Popinski, Ph.D. – Committee Member
The FBINCAAA is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.