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FBINCAAA and Red Cross Announcement - 10/30/2018

FBINCAAA Forms National Partnership with American Red Cross

The FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration between the FBINCAAA and the American National Red Cross. The two organizations signed an official Letter of Cooperation on October 5, 2018. A copy of the signed letter can be seen in the link above.

FBICAAA chapters work in partnership with their local FBI field office to select at least one community engagement or outreach project that best fits the needs of the local community. The FBICAAA chapter network is encouraged to work with the American Red Cross as part of their community engagement projects. These projects can include activities in any of the Red Cross lines of service; e.g. disaster, blood services, preparedness, health and safety, or service to the armed forces.

In the Letter of Cooperation, the FBINCAAA and the American Red Cross agree to strengthen their relationship and work together on activities consistent with their shared goals. The Red Cross Disaster Cycle Services will be working with FBINCAAA in the coming months to develop the national partnership. In the meantime, FBICAAA chapters are free to approach Red Cross field units to join efforts. Several FBICAAA chapters have expressed an interest in collaborating, and the San Diego and New Haven Chapters have already developed strong partnerships with their local Red Cross units. The New Haven Chapter joined the Red Cross to install 1,265 free smoke alarms in houses throughout the New Haven area. The San Diego Chapter will cross train interested members in Red Cross disaster protocols and are discussing a Rapid Response Team of vetted members to assist in other ways. FBICAAA chapter board of directors are strongly encouraged to meet with local Red Cross representatives and have a dialog on how to work together on mutually agreed upon projects.

The Red Cross requires background investigations for all volunteers. Interested FBICAAA members will work through their local Red Cross Offices to accomplish required background checks.

With respect to local relationships, each organization will maintain its own corporate identity, establish and monitor its own policies and procedures, and finance its own activities. Both organizations will allocate responsibility for any shared expenses in writing in advance of any commitment. Both organizations will be liable for its own acts (including the acts of its officers, directors, employees, agents, successors, and assigns acting on behalf of the organization). It is understood that this relationship is not exclusive to either organization, and either organization shall have the right to terminate the relationship immediately upon written notice to the other party. Also, both organizations agree not to use or display any intellectual property of the other (including all trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, copyright materials (including but not limited to slogans), other intellectual property and the like) without first receiving the express written permission to do so.

Questions concerning this partnership should be directed to the FBINCAAA Executive Director Sanford D. “Sandy” Mangold at executivedirector@fbincaaa.org or 702-332-3986.

The FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.