Awards Program Honors Extraordinary Service

The FBI National CAAA Celebrating Excellence Awards Program recognizes excellence by honoring FBINCAAA Affiliate Chapters and individuals who commit time, talent, and resources for the betterment and safety of their communities, cultivate growth and success of their Chapters, and develop a strong partnership with the FBI. Awards are presented annually at the FBINCAAA National Leadership Conference

The awards program was revamped in 2024 (for 2023 Chapter performance). Congratulations to all of the Chapters and individuals for their well-deserved recognitions. View the awards video.

The Excellence in Alumni Engagement Award celebrates FBINCAAA Chapters that demonstrate remarkable effectiveness in actively involving alumni in purposeful initiatives. This distinction acknowledges Chapters that mobilize the collective volunteer time, talent, and expertise of their alumni to orchestrate impactful Alumni programs. These initiatives not only align with the strategic goals of the local field office but also significantly enhance the overall quality of life in their communities.

    • Pittsburgh
    • Tampa

The Excellence in Community Outreach Award celebrates the outstanding efforts of FBINCAAA Chapters in crafting and implementing initiatives that align seamlessly with the needs and priorities of their local FBI Field Office. This prestigious accolade recognizes Chapters that excel in community engagement through a strategic and collaborative approach.

    • Denver
    • Detroit
    • Little Rock
    • New York
    • Phoenix

The Excellence in Community Partnerships Award honors FBINCAAA Chapters that exemplify outstanding commitment and innovation in forgoing collaborations with local, state, and national organizations in support of their community outreach goals. The recognition is dedicated to Chapters that strategically and effectively partner with external entities, contributing significantly to advancement of the FBI Field Office’s mission and priorities.

    • Knoxville
    • San Diego

The Excellence in Innovation Award is bestowed upon Chapters that distinguish themselves through visionary and inventive strategies in community outreach, achieved through impactful collaboration with the FBI. This accolade recognizes Chapters that have not only embraced innovation but have also demonstrated a keen ability to pioneer novel approaches, contributing to the enhancement of community engagement and fulfillment of the FBI’s mission.

    • Cleveland

The Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award honors FBINCAAA Chapters that exemplify outstanding dedication to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion through collaborative outreach initiatives with the FBI Field Office. This accolade celebrates Chapters that actively contribute to advancing diversity in the community. By championing inclusivity and equity, these Chapters demonstrate a commitment to strengthening the fabric of both their local communities and the broader mission of the FBI.

    • San Francisco

Legacy Awards

Shaya Family Youth Engagement Award – The Shaya Family Youth Engagement Award introduced this year, recognizes FBINCAAA Affiliate Chapters showcasing outstanding community outreach to young people fostering a positive perception of the FBI and its mission.

    • Miami
    • Tampa

Rising Star Award – The Rising Star Award is designed to recognize emerging leaders under the age of 40 within the FBINCAAA community. This award celebrates individuals who demonstrate exceptional promise, leadership potential, and a commitment to making a significant impact on the future of the FBINCAAA and its mission.

    • Erica DeBlois (New Haven)
    • Monica Ghose (Cleveland)

National Leadership Achievement Award – The National Leadership Achievement Award stands as a prestigious recognition presented to an FBINCAAA Chapter Leader who exemplifies exceptional leadership and commitment to the mission, priorities, and goals of the FBI and FBINCAAA Chapter partnership.

    • Sean “Smitty” Smith (Seattle)

Jerry Fogel Advocacy Award – The Jerry Fogel Advocacy Award, named in honor of the distinguished founder and inaugural President of the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association, acknowledges an FBINCAAA Chapter that exhibits sustained excellence in supporting the mission and priorities of the FBI though community outreach, alumni engagement, and chapter operations for a minimum of three consecutive years.

    • Newark

Tracey Ballinger Partnership Award - The Tracey L. Ballenger Partnership Award, established in 2019, stands as a distinguished tribute to FBI employees who, like Tracey Ballinger, demonstrate exceptional dedication to fostering meaningful partnerships with FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association Chapters. Tracey Ballinger, the inaugural recipient of this esteemed award, has left an indelible mark through her outstanding leadership, guidance, and unwavering support for the FBINCAAA.

    • Jeff Green, COS, FBI Miami

2022  - Prior Awards

Excellence in Chapter Operations

The Excellence in Chapter Operations award was created to teach, encourage, and recognize outstanding nonprofit management and best practices in furtherance of our mission and partnership with the FBI. Chapters must be in compliance with the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Chapter Affiliation Agreement (CAA) to be considered for this award. 

2022 Excellence in Chapter Operations


Kansas City


San Antonio


Little Rock


San Diego




San Francisco






New Haven




New York


2021 Excellence in Chapter Operations

Albuquerque Kansas City Oklahoma City   San Antonio
Birmingham Minneapolis Omaha San Diego
Boston Newark        Phoenix San Francisco
Cincinnati               Norfolk             Sacramento Springfield

2020 Excellence in Chapter Operations

Cincinnati Norfolk San Antonio  Denver 
Omaha San Diego Kansas City  Phoenix 
San Francisco    Minneapolis Sacramento  Springfield 

2019 Excellence in Chapter Operations

Albuquerque             Houston              Minneapolis        Phoenix 
Baltimore Indianapolis New Haven Sacramento 
Birmingham Kansas City New Orleans San Antonio 
Boston Las Vegas Newark                  San Diego 
Cincinnati Miami Norfolk San Francisco 
Cleveland Milwaukee Omaha 



Excellence in FBI Advocacy

The Excellence in FBI Advocacy Award recognizes Chapters who serve as exemplary ambassadors and advocates for the FBI, promoting community education and outreach programs that support the mission and goals of the FBI. Chapters that engage their communities through innovative and creative outreach programs that raise awareness and visibility to strengthen relationships with the FBI are ideal award recipients. 

2022: FBI Boston CAAA, FBI Kansas City CAAA, and FBI Newark CAAA

2021: FBI Newark CAAA

2020: FBI Denver CAAA

Excellence in Community Outreach

The Excellence in Community Outreach award recognizes exemplary community education and outreach programs developed and led by the Chapter. Award recipients demonstrate excellence in planning, promoting, and executing programs that further the Chapter's mission in alignment with the Field Office's needs and priorities. 

2022: FBI Baltimore CAAA, FBI Little Rock CAAA, FBI New Haven CAAA, and FBI Pittsburgh CAAA

2021: FBI Boston CAAA

2020: FBI Cincinnati CAAA

Excellence in Alumni Driven Outreach

The Excellence in Alumni Driven Outreach award recognizes Chapters that engage alumni in meaningful ways to encourage the contribution of volunteer time, talents, and expertise to produce programs that make a significant contribution to the quality of life in their communities. 

2022: FBI Minneapolis CAAA and FBI Tampa CAAA

2021: FBI Denver CAAA

2020: FBI Newark CAAA

Excellence in Innovation

The Excellence in Innovation award is presented to Chapters who demonstrate innovative and creative approaches to community outreach and service in support of the FBI's mission and priorities. Recipients demonstrate creativity in developing programs, forging unique partnerships, and other elements to achieve success. 

2022: FBI Denver CAAA and FBI Miami CAAA

2021: FBI Kansas City CAAA

2020: FBI Phoenix CAAA

Perpetual Awards 

Denbo Leadership Award

The Denbo Leadership Award was created in 2019 to honor the leadership and contributions of Tammy B Denbo (pictured) who served as President of the FBINCAAA from 2016 - 2017. It is awarded annually to an FBICAAA member who exhibits extraordinary leadership resulting in demonstrative value to the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association, the FBI, and the communities served by these organizations. 

2022: Jonathan Ullman, FBI Las Vegas CAAA
2021: Stacey Hervey, Vice President of the FBI Denver CAAA

2020: Kristi Lee, Immediate Past President of the FBI Phoenix CAAA

Ballinger Partnership Award

The Ballinger Partnership Award recognizes FBI employees who embody, acknowledge, and carry forth the spirit of exceptional partnership with the FBINCAAA program by setting high standards and providing assistance, guidance, and support. The award is named in honor of Tracey L. Ballinger (pictured), Management and Program Analyst for the the FBI Office of Public Affairs at FBI Headquarters. Her demonstrated commitment to the FBICAAA program since its inception has been integral to the success of the FBI - FBINCAAA partnership. 

2023: Bridget Patton, Public Affairs Specialist for the FBI Kansas City Field Office, and Sue Durkin, Community Outreach Specialist for the FBI Boston Field Office

2022: JoAnn Benson, Community Outreach Specialist for the FBI New Haven Field Office

2021: Todd Lindgren, Community Outreach Specialist for the FBI Cincinnati Field Office

2020: Kathryn "Kathy" Sipes, Community Outreach Specialist for the FBI Indianapolis Field Office

The prestigious Jerry Fogel Community Service Award is named for Jerry Fogel (pictured), the founding leader and first person to hold the office of President for the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association. To recognize his extraordinary leadership, the FBINCAAA Board of Directors created the Jerry Fogel Award in 2015. This award is presented annually to an FBINCAAA Chapter that consistently plans, develops, and implements outstanding community service projects in support of the FBI's community outreach mission and priorities. The first Jerry Fogel Community Service Award was presented to its namesake.

2022: FBI San Francisco CAAA
2021: FBI Minneapolis CAAA

2020: FBI Phoenix CAAA

2018: FBI Cleveland CAAA and FBI Miami CAAA

2017: FBI Las Vegas CAAA

2016: FBI Denver CAAA

2015: Jerry Fogel

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