Sponsorship Opportunities

Partner with us to improve community safety and security

Helping the FBINCAAA is critical to help make our communities safer. Your sponsorship will support the development and maintenance of FBINCAAA Chapters furthering their community outreach in support of the needs and priorities of the FBI.

The Annual Sponsorship Program of the FBINCAAA provides the potential to increase your organization’s profile and linkage locally and nationally with the FBINCAAA while continuing to expand your customer and/or client base. In doing so, your organization is showing a commitment to build economic engines that support your community’s outreach efforts for safe, vibrant and sustainable neighborhood development. Participation in the FBINCAAA Sponsorship Program will showcase your local efforts, core values and ethical leadership, and can establish you as a role model nationwide. Your partnership as an FBINCAAA sponsor positions your organization to reach a diverse set of leaders from civic, educational, business, faith-based, and government entities.

You can help us help build safe and strong communities through:
    • Elder fraud presentations
    • Internet safety information
    • Incident response for natural and man-made tragedies
    • Law enforcement recognition
    • Cultural awareness activities
    • Human trafficking awareness
    • Active shooter preparedness
    • Opioid abuse prevention awareness programs
    • Numerous community outreach projects

With dozens of local FBINCAAA Chapters across the United States, the FBINCAAA is the overall governing entity, with oversight responsibility for its Chapters. The authority and responsibility for governance is created by a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the FBINCAAA and FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and each local FBINCAAA Chapter is bound by a Chapter Affiliation Agreement with the FBINCAAA.

The FBINCAAA supports community outreach efforts of the FBI by representing, leading, and serving local FBINCAAA Chapters within three key arenas:

    • serving as the official governing organization, interfacing with and acting as the official liaison between FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and the nationwide Chapters;
    • supporting excellence in Chapter operations through expert board and legal counsel, peer networking, a full complement of training, tools and templates, assisting with resource identification and an annual National Leadership Conference;
    • providing effective governance and compliance oversight of FBINCAAA agreements, policies, procedures, practices and administrative management, fiscal accountability, and bylaws compatibility.

The FBINCAAA’s Chapter system primarily operates in the same cities as the fifty-six (56) FBI Field Offices across the 50 United States, Guam and Puerto Rico. Chapter members primarily are leaders of civic, educational, business, faith-based, and government organizations who have graduated from the FBI Citizens Academy Program (FBICA). Chapter members agree to adhere to a Code of Ethics and every Chapter signs a Memorandum of Agreement with their local FBI Field Office and also a Chapter Affiliation Agreement with FBINCAAA.

Additionally, your partnership in the FBINCAAA Annual Sponsorship Program will help assist the Chapters in developing a stronger relationship between law enforcement and your local community, promote greater public safety, and ultimately, through awareness and education, protect your family, friends and neighbors.

FBINCAAA is proud to offer these Annual Sponsorship Program opportunities. Should you have any questions, or wish to begin your support immediately, please contact Richard Schwalberg, FBINCAAA Vice President Operations at rschwalberg@fbincaaa.org.

Contact us at: webmaster@fbincaaa.org
FBINCAAA is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI